Spa Moves

Photograph of Spa on Trailor Moving Home? Bought a second hand Hot Tub? Moving your Hot Tub to a new place in your garden?

Prices start from £275 + VAT I genuinely mean it when I say it is far better to pay us, the professionals to move your Spa, than someone who doesn’t have all the necessary skills, experience and / or tooling. We have been called on many occasions to half attempted Spa Moves when the individual or company involved have taken on more than they can handle. You wouldn’t get a gardener to re-wire your house so the same applies here. We can relocate your spa on our specially designed trailer or our flatbed truck. We have moved and installed over 2000 hot tubs over the years so have built up tricks and knowledge to overcome most obstacles as well as reducing the risk of any damage. We have full public liability and goods in transit insurance. We can also offer secure storage facilities at our warehouse that benefits from a heavy locking system, CCTV and alarm straight to the police all for a low weekly storage fee. After moving your spa, we can install and recommission it, and provide a mini-service if required.

Collection and Delivery Access

First, understand the dimensions of your spa by use of a tape measure. You will need to consider the Spa will be delivered on its side on a Spa Dolly system. Use the height of the Spa Dolly plus the height of the Spa when stood on its side to determine the vertical clearance required. Use the height of the Spa (when laid flat) which will become the width to determine the maximum width of clearance necessary. If the Spa Dolly width is greater this will be the measurement you will use. NOTE: It may be necessary to allow for additional overhead clearance if the spa will be rolled up or down an incline or moved up or down a short flight of stairs. It may be necessary to remove a gate, part of a fence, or other movable obstructions in order to move the Spa to its’ installation site. About ten percent of the time, a crane is the only way to install the spa by lifting it to its final destination.

How is your width clearance?

  • Check all gates
  • Protruding electric metres
  • Gas metres
  • Vents and flu’s

Do you have sufficient overhead clearance?

  • Check low roof eaves,
  • overhanging branches,
  • Rain gutters

Is the path clear?

  • Remove any other obstacles on the path
  • Is there a 90’ turn, can we clear it? (The Spa won’t bend)
  • No more than 6 consecutive steps without a landing.  More people may be needed if more steps.