Custom Spa Covers

Spa Cover

Wide selection of covers in stock

From £289, including VAT and delivery

48h delivery We keep our most common covers in stock, contact us to place an order. Delivery is within 48 hours

Custom made-to-order hot tub covers

From only £449.99, including VAT £24.99 delivery for all models

Our covers are manufactured within the UK, and The price is for all covers up to 2400mm x 2400mm. We will call you around a week before delivery to confirm the delivery date. You can use the form below to place your order. Delivery takes 6-8 weeks from order date

High quality removable rigid custom-made insulation covers

All covers are made from a waterproof grain effect vinyl fabric, and have a heavy density insulation infill board, a return skirt to overhang the tub, a heavy duty reinforced zip fastening, reinforced handles, a steel channel reinforcing section, and child safety locks.

Cover Lifters

Why not treat yourself to a cover lifter to go with your new cover? We offer a wide range of cover lifters, like the two below, prices start from £199.

Aluminium Lifter Hydraulic Lifter