Hot Tub Breakdown Repairs

hot tub repairDo you have a Hot Tub SOS?

Call us today, we will attend to any spa, any problem. You get home from work, you put your bathers on, pour yourself a glass of wine, and wander out to your steaming hot tub, but then… oh dear! We know how frustrating it is when your hot tub fails, and that is why our breakdown repair service offers the quickest overall process to get your spa hot and bubbly again.

Parts in stock

In the unlikely event we have to make a second visit with the correct parts we aim to do so in the shortest time possible. We only charge the callout and mileage fee once and we also give you the balance of the original hour if any revisit is needed.

How much does it cost?

Our service call out charges reflect how far we have to travel to your house. We keep our prices reasonable and ahead of our competitors as we often manage to group jobs together to save our customers money. All our quoted call-out prices include the first half hour on-site and the VAT.

Can we fix it?

We repair over 20 different brands of Spa and Hot Tub, including Spaform, Arctic Spas, Dimension 1, LA Spas, Hot Spring, Saratoga, Coleman, Sunrise, Hot Tubs Direct, Leisurerite, Hydropool, Hydro Spa, Southwest Spas, Catalina, Master Spas, Golf Coast, even Chinese Spas and many more. With a broad range of contacts and suppliers, we aim to get your Hot Tub bubbling again as quickly as possible, so that you can get back to unwinding, and letting us take the stress for you.

When was your last service? We offer maintenance contracts!

An important part of making sure your hot tub runs properly is to have a regular service. This provides peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your spa has been professionally cleaned and every working aspect inspected and function checked for performance. For our full range of service options have a look at our Hot Tub Servicing and Maintenance page. You might also be interested in our Hot Tub Maintenance Contract options.

Just need a part?

If you have an idea of what is wrong and you are confident you know which part to replace and how, then you can call us on 023 9354 1154 to place an order or email us at

Common faults

Low Flow (LF, FLO, FL, FL1, or three flashing dots) – Check that your filters are clean and in a fair condition. Check to see if the circulation pump is still moving the water around when calling for heat. Is there enough water in the hot tub? If you have a pressure switch it may need adjusting. Heater Dry or Overheat (OH, OHH, HFL, DY, DRY) – Have you bled all the pumps and heater of air? Have you checked your filters? Is the pump still circulating? Sensor Errors (SN, SNT, SNH, SNS, S1, S2) – Often sensor errors are down to sensor failure but sometimes can be a problem with the PCB. Tripping Electrics – When does it trip? Is there a set pattern? If your spa trips when you press a particular button it is usually the component you are trying to operate. Check to see if the spa trips when the heat indicator comes on as this may indicate a problem with the heater. Spa is Leaking – How much water is it losing over 24hrs or a week? Have you taken off the inspection panel to see where it is coming from? Have you checked the unions are all tight?

Contact us for more information or to arrange a speedy visit and get your spa or hot tub repaired!